Riello et al.’s article, “Diagnosis of mycobacterial infections based on acid-fast bacilli test and bacterial growth time and implications on treatment and disease outcome (2016)” examines the clinical implications of misdiagnosis of NTM through the use of molecular genotyping of patients based on symptoms. The purpose of the authors is to bring to light that the conventional methods used for diagnosis of mycobacterial infections have led to significant uncertain diagnoses. The authors seek to show that mycobacteria resistance, chronic infections, and poorer outcomes may be direct consequences misdiagnosis in order to draw attention to their suggestion of urgent molecular identification of mycobacteria species and resistance tests into public health systems. The implications of the authors’ thesis shows the significance of pairing molecular and clinical biology in order to advance strides in reducing misdiagnosis. This article is pertinent to the contribution planned as it relays important information on prevention methods for the misdiagnosis of NTM and related diseases.