Larson et al.’s article, “Dual skin tests with Mycobacterium avium sensitin and PPD to detect misdiagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection (2011)” asses the misdiagnosis of latent TB infection through the assessment of skin testing and to determine how misdiagnosis affects risk factors for latent TB infection. Larson et al. develops the claim of the article through data collected from a population based survey in which 447 participants underwent skin testing and 135 had a positive PPD test, key in identifying misdiagnosis of NTM and latent TB infection. The authors’ thesis is significant to global health as it relays the importance of increasing the availability of the NTM skin test in order to prevent misdiagnosis. This article was significant to the contribution planned as it provides a solid foundation for a potential “easy” solution to one form of misdiagnosis.