Yeatman et al.’s article, “Health-seeking behavior and symptoms associated with early HIV infection: Results from a population-based cohort in southern Malawi (2015)” focuses on identifying approaches in which the number of HIV cases reported early are diagnosed as such instead of the potential of being misdiagnosed as malaria, through a population based cohort of young Malawian women. The authors utilize data collected from 467 women tested at least twice for HIV and through demonstration of data collected that indicates 6/13 women who were identified as having HIV sought malaria treatment through a health clinic. The purpose of Yeatman et al.’s article is to display the findings from the study of a population based cohort in order highlight the common misdiagnosis of early HIV infection (EHI) as symptoms of malaria, ultimately resulting in improper treatment. The implications of the author’s thesis exhibit the significance of increasing methods that will allow for the correct screening for HIV in health clinics in order to ensure that cases do not go misdiagnosed. This article is extremely relevant to the contribution suggested as the purpose of this article relates directly to misdiagnosis while adding valuable data and innovative suggestions.