Nyamogoba et al.’s article, “Misdiagnosis and Clinical Significance of Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria in Western Kenya in the Era of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic (2011).” examines the role of non-tuberculous bacteria in the misdiagnosis of TB-like disease morbidity while relaying the frequent confusion that comes with misdiagnosis, specifically in Western Kenya. Nyamogoba et al. furthers their evidence of misdiagnosis in Western Kenya through data tables that reflect the number of NTM cases diagnosed while also discussing the potential correlation of NTM and TB misdiagnosis to misdiagnosis of HIV/AIDS. The authors use a cross sectional study completed over a two year span in order to provide an overview of the significance of NTM in the causation of TB-like disease in Western Kenya. The authors show through this article that though the cases of NTM in Western Kenya appear to be low, many of these cases may have been misdiagnosed as TB. This article is relevant to the planned contribution as it is pertinent to revealing the possibility of misdiagnosis and inaccurate results due to previously incorrect record of cases of TB.