Bujitels et al.’s article, “Misdiagnosis of tuberculosis and the clinical relevance of non-tuberculous mycobacteria in Zambia (2010) seeks to determine the accuracy of TB diagnosis in Zambia in relation to HIV status. Bujitels et al. examines the number of false positive cases of TB in Zambia in a 320 person cohort of chronically ill patients. The purpose of this article is to relay that the diagnosis of tuberculosis solely based upon symptoms, smears, and/or x-rays, leads to a significant number of false positives in cases of TB. The authors use data collected from the cohort, in tables, in order to exhibit the negative results of both the ZN of sputum, chest X-ray, culture results, and HIV status of diagnosed patients as well as the characteristics of patients with TB and negative M. tuberculosis culture in order to exhibit results that prove the vastness of misdiagnosis of TB. The authors’ thesis is extremely important to health on a global scale as it shows need for a push towards more advanced screening methods to avoid misdiagnosis. This article is effective in playing a role in the planned contribution as it further emphasizes the importance of proper screening methods for patients with symptoms of TB.