Corbett et al.’s review article, “The Growing Burden of Tuberculosis (2003)” reviews data from TB cases, cohort treatment outcomes, surveys of MTB infection, and HIV prevalence in patients with TB (and some other sub groups) to affirm that the HIV pandemic presents a challenge to global TB control. The authors utilize country specific estimates HIV prevalence in TB patients aged 15-49 from the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS to support their review of the correlation between TB and HIV. The authors compile data in order to create estimates in order to provide a representation of how large the challenge of controlling HIV- related TB truly is. The authors’ review suggests ways to monitor the impacts that countries efforts have in order to control HIV related TB, this is significant to global health as it provides visual representations of the vastness of the challenge presented while also suggesting mechanisms that will allow for the reduction of HIV related TB. This article is beneficial to the contribution at hand because it presents findings that exhibit the significance of proper implementation of effective screening methods while also focusing on the relationship between HIV and TB.