Puvaneswaran, Shoba’s article, Misdiagnosis of tuberculosis in patients with lymphoma (2012) seeks to identify patients with histological diagnoses of lymphoma who were previously misdiagnosed with TB through the use of a retrospective study involving 21 patients in KwaZulu-Natal. The authors support their identifications of misdiagnosis of TB in patients with lymphoma through data showing that 8/21 patients had previously been diagnosed with TB in the 12 months prior to the diagnosis of lymphoma, the critical aspect of these findings is that all 21 of these patients reported TB treatment failure. The authors support their thesis through determining that misdiagnosis of lymphoma for TB is prevalent and do this in order to draw attention to the point that misdiagnosis is a large problem, particularly in South Africa, and without proper diagnosis, proper treatment cannot be administered. Misdiagnosis is a very critical topic in global health as misdiagnosis can lead to improper treatment, and the findings of lymphoma misdiagnosed as TB along with the focus of improper treatment are issues that must be resolved in order to continue to advance quality of health care. This article is important to the contribution planned, as misdiagnosis is extremely prevalent, especially in Africa, the issue of lymphoma being misdiagnosed as TB is something that has not been commonly researched and thus this article provides a collection of findings in the topic of interest.