An article from the Endocrine Society on ScienceDaily, titled “Male birth control shots prevent pregnancy”, gives an account of a male hormonal contraceptive, progestogen, that reduces the rate of unplanned pregnancies in the partners of men using the contraceptive by reducing the sperm count of male users. The author does this by giving a detailed account of the study examining the contraceptive, including details such as the sample of people used, the treatment they received on what timeline, as well as the findings of the study and negative side effects of the contraceptive. This article demonstrates that despite how few birth control options exist for males, scientists are working to develop more and have seen some success with an option called progestogen. By doing this, the article allows readers who are interested in the progress of male contraceptives and scientific research to understand what is happening in the field thus far without having to understand the explicit scientific details accounted in research articles.