Sofia Barbarani’s article,”Venezuela’s spiraling mental healthcare crisis” (March 20, 2017) explains how due to the financial strife of the current Venezuelan government, the state of mental health in Venezuela has been worsening as patients cannot get access to medications and hospitals do not have the resources to care for all patients. Barbarani paints a picture of the situation through relaying accounts of people with mental health issues in Venezuela, citing the change in health access over time, and citing doctors affirming the dire state of mental health. She calls to attention how lack of access to antipsychotic drugs has led to an increased country suicide rate, readmittance of patients to hospitals, as well as patients being turned away from care due to lack of resources, in order to portray the cyclic, widespread effects of the mental health crisis in Venezuela. This article is important in informing non-Venezuelan residents of this health crisis to alert them to think of ways to help Venezuela.