In an interview with him by Fiona Fleck for the World Health Organization entitled “Treating Depression Where There Are No Mental Health Professionals” (2017), Vikram Patel discusses his extensive work in the field of depression and mental health conditions and how to provide care for people with these conditions in underserved areas. Patel recently performed a study testing the effectiveness of training community-based workers in how to help people with depression in their communities through a talking treatment and found that this form of treatment is very effective. As evidenced in this study, Patel believes that community based work is the most effective way in addressing depression especially in low-income countries. Patel highlights his research and other work he has done in this field in order to suggest this type of treatment on a much larger, national scale. Vikram Patel thus conveys the utmost importance of mental health treatment to the global health community at large through this World Health Organization interview.