In her article “Young Adults with Autism Flounder in Face of Service Gaps” (2015), Valerie Paradiz, mother of an autistic man and founder of multiple autism initiatives, explains the lack of services in place to help successfully transition autistic adolescents to adulthood and further calls for the creation of more programs that focus on helping youth on the autism spectrum prepare for jobs and adult life. Paradiz sites her own experience raising her son in an environment where very few schools or other services were prepared to give him what he needed to succeed and notes how a number of statistics show that this is the case all around the country as a large group of autistic youth are growing into adults. In her article and work with autistic youth, Paradiz exposes the discrepancies in services for autistic adults in order to call others to action in finding ways to fix this systemic issue. In this way, Paradiz shares her personal story to convince all readers, especially those in the position to make a change to this problem, of the need for change in this field.